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"I see the Invisible"


I am a spiritual coach, an artist, and an energy expert, dedicating my life to helping people to master their energetic self. I am passionate about developing people’s 6th sense for them to access a deeper level of consciousness and live a life in peace and harmony. 


When I am not helping others, I am on a constant quest to better myself. As I believe we are unlimited beings, I am always working on new and exciting projects. My most recent to date is to create Energy Photographs for healing properties and for manifestation, by connecting intentionally with the Entity before doing my craft. Each image is unique and created solely using my 6th sense.


I am not new to photography, I had the chance to own a portrait and food photography studio and won multiple awards for it. Only recently, my ever expanding spiritual energy brought me to a new horizon as I started to have more spirit encounters. That’s when I decided to explore my gift for mediumship and I am happily sharing my energy tips on my social media accounts.

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